A Letter From Hilde

Below is a letter written by Hildegard Bennett over 30 years ago.

Dear Friends,

The dream of Muth’s Candies became a reality when Rudy returned from WWI. With the support of family and friends, he was about to establish his candy shop on East Market St in Louisville. The fact that there were already many good candy manufactures, made Rudy more determined for his to be the best.

Rudy and my sister Belle gave the store love which gave it life. With this love he perfected his recipes using only the finest ingredients. Not only did they want to make the finest candies, but also they wanted to have a business where their employees would be like family and their customers would become friends. By achieving this they had many family members and friends who loved working here throughout the years. Because of this atmosphere, Rudy and Belle’s store has endured and become “Louisville’s oldest and finest.” Being here from the beginning, I share the love for the business that Rudy and Belle created for us all. As preset owner I am fortunate to be able to have passed the love for candy making and the spirit of the business to my son, his wife and their seven children.

My son learned the art of candy making form his Uncle Rudy who in turn has taught his two sons. They use Rudy’s original recipes and the same fine ingredients he insisted upon. My daughter-in-law and five grand daughters work in the chocolate room either hand dipping the centers in rich chocolate or packaging the boxes to please our customer’s tastes just as their Aunt Belle did for 60 years. I can be found along with the rest of the family greeting and serving our many friends.

All of us here at Muth’s hope you enjoy your candy and become friends and valued customers this holiday season and for many years to come.

Love and Thanks, Hilde

Loretta Wasig, Isabel Muth, and Hildegard Bennett standing at the front counter in the store 1960s.
Although this letter was written by grandmother so many years ago every sentiment expressed still rings true today. We believe our employees are family, our customers are friends and the best way to make someone your friend is with a great piece of candy. Now that the store is ran by the third and fourth generations we still hand craft our candies and still use only the finest ingredients.

Hope to see you soon!